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Google Analytics For Content Marketing

Google Analytics for Content Marketing

My slide deck on Google Analytics for Content Marketing, from #EngagePDX in Portland, OR, and corresponding video: Key Takeaways: Set up more goals across the customer lifecycle Set up your Content Groupings. Set up Custom Dimensions. Then build your reports and dashboards to quickly answer recurring questions in your business.

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Content Success Factors for SEO

Content Success Factors

This is a blog version of my presentation at Searchfest 2016 hosted by SEMPDX. You can download a PDF copy of my slides here, and we’ll soon have a text version of this post as well. Data Sources: Moz Ranking Factors: Searchmetrics Ranking Factors: Backlinko 1 Million Study: Buzzsumo/Moz Shares & Links: […]

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MozCon 2015 Quote Decks & List of Tools

We’re back again this year with our 4th year of MozCon coverage, including our favorite quotes and stats from every MozCon speaker, and a full list of the Tools and downloads mentioned by every speaker. Notice something we missed? Please email or tweet @kanejamison and we’ll get it added! Attn Speakers – we’ve done […]

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Content Marketing Interview with TechnologyAdvice

I recently sat down with TechnologyAdvice’s Clark Buckner to chat about content marketing, common issues we see with content marketing clients, and other details like how we handle project management and paid promotion. You can find part 1 of the interview on the TechnologyAdvice Blog, and part 2 is below. TechnologyAdvice’s Expert Interview series, which is hosted […]

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9 E-Commerce Brands Winning With Twitter Images

Awesome Twitter Images From Brands

Images are an integral part of using Twitter to its fullest potential as a marketing tool. The research backs us up on this fact: Dan Zarrella’s 2013 Twitter Image study determined that tweets with images get more shares than those without images. 2013: “Tweets are 94% more likely to be retweeted when using, and […]

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Announcing ShareMetric 2 for Chrome

I’m really pleased to announce that the entirely new ShareMetric Chrome extension is published! Here’s a quick screenshot of what you can expect with all of its features enabled: Tons of New Features: When we first created ShareMetric about 2 years ago, our long term goal was to build a plugin that showed a complete […]

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How To Produce Great Conference Coverage

I’m a big fan of marketing with events. I’ve written in the past on Moz on the benefits of hosting your own events, I love hosting our local content marketing meetups here in Seattle, and last week they published my Whiteboard Friday video on “4 Tips for Producing Great Event Coverage” when covering industry events and conferences. […]

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