Big Content Risk Inventory Form:

The purpose of this form is to create a list of potential risks when working on big content projects, the stage of the project they occur in, and potential solutions to manage this risk.

For example:

  • Potential risk: a subcontractor could produce subpar work.
  • Potential solution: standardize your subcontractor hiring process to include clear examples and guidelines for what output should look like.

Make sense?

You can see the live results from this form here.

  • Your email won't be published in the spreadsheet or shared.
  • At what stage in the content creation process does this problem normally occur? Feel free to make multiple selections if appropriate.


Hi there,

Kane here. I’m speaking at LavaCon this year about Risk Management for Content Creation and I want to try something new for this presentation.

We’re going to crowd source a piece of content in real time using the form on this page. This form will take your response and insert it into a public spreadsheet in Google Docs that everyone can access. Once it’s completed, we’ll clean it up, format it, and email it back out to everyone who participated as a free checklist and reference.

LavaCon Attendees: If you’re following along with the presentation in real life or on the virtual track, you should know what the forms below are for. No skipping ahead of the class!

Non-LavaCon Attendees: If you’re reading this post on our blog, you can feel free to contribute, too. I’ve included basic descriptions below on what to answer for each field.

Privacy Note: The form asks for your email. Your email will not be published in the live spreadsheet, and we won’t automatically add you to our newsletter. That said, we’d love for you to join our newsletter if you’re interested – you can subscribe here or check the box on the form. We just need your email to send you a finished copy of the content generated from this activity.