Note May 2013: This article was originally published at in July 2012 and was migrated here in May 2013.

Weird Google Places Statistics
Weird Google Places Statistics – click for full size image

The above screenshot is from a client’s Google Places listing.

It shows them receiving 707 impressions during the period between 12/01/2011 and 7/20/2012 (roughly 8 months). During that time, it’s reporting that they recieved 6,395 requests for driving directions.

It also shows a dramatic drop off in driving direction requests on 6/05/2012.

Hypothesis: The client’s office is located in a shared office floor of an office building in downtown Seattle. Because of that, they have an address similar to 1111 4th Avenue, Suite 2200. There are other businesses on the same floor that share the same address. My only guess for the error in numbers is that Google is reporting all driving direction requests for the exact address, not for the business listing.

My best guess for the dropoff on June 5th is that Google may have fixed this bug in how they were reporting driving directions.

I searched around for reports of “Google Places over reporting directions requests” and similar queries and couldn’t find anyone else reporting this.

Has anyone else seen this under different or similar circumstances?