Part-Time / Freelance Product Marketer

Job Description:

Content Harmony is making it 10 times easier for content marketers and writers to conduct content research and produce creative briefs, and we need your help spreading the word.

We have an established brand, customer base, and website, but since we launched our software publicly in summer 2020, we've neglected our marketing efforts while we focused on the product and early customer success.

Now it's time for us to focus on rebuilding our marketing foundations and building up new marketing programs from there.

Your role will be coordinating with our Founder Kane to work through that list of marketing project priorities.

This role is fully remote, part-time, and on a contract basis to begin. We are happy to scale it up to a full-time, fully remote role as our product revenue increases, or if you prefer, keep you in a part-time capacity while we add additional marketing resources along the way.

About Our App:

In 2018, we embarked on a project to take our internal marketing agency content production process and build a SaaS version for content marketers to integrate into their own workflow.

In 2020 we launched our software publicly, spun off our agency team to a separate company, and are now focused solely on helping other content teams be successful.

You can learn some general information about our application at

What You Will Be Doing:

In the beginning this role will be focused on building out some basic marketing infrastructure like core product/service pages, email marketing efforts, and potentially supporting product marketing around feature releases.

The role is flexible depending on the candidate's skillset, but our ideal background is a marketing/growth generalist who has past experience with content marketing or SEO in order to understand the challenges that our customers face.

Hereโ€™s how we expect your time will be split up:

  • 50% โ€“ Building โ€“ We're a small team and the number one requirement is we need someone who likes doing the work. Writing copy, writing emails, writing longer-form content - those are the primary projects. As we finish up some of the core foundational work we need to do, there are a large number of content/brand/product marketing campaigns and programs that we can focus on.
  • 30% โ€“ Promotion Work โ€“ We've done a poor job of spreading the word about Content Harmony to our own email list, much less the broader market. We need help building and maintaining our email marketing efforts, and other promotion work like assisting with ad campaigns and messaging for search/social/retargeting, etc. Possibly help with social distribution as well.
  • 20% โ€“ Strategy โ€“ Brainstorming and putting together program strategy with our Founder Kane will take up a decent portion of time. While this role requires someone who knows how to do the work - we don't want to just give you a list of instructions. We want a team member who can take an idea and make it happen.

Desired Experience:

  • At least 3 years of marketing experience required - you'll be marketing to marketers and we need someone who understands the challenges that marketers face.
  • At least some experience with SEO & content marketing programs.
  • Broad marketing experience - you've probably used a lot of marketing CMSs, a lot of email marketing platforms, a lot of social media platforms - you get the idea.

Desired Skills:

  • Flexibility โ€“ While we have a prioritized roadmap, it can shift quickly. We generally have a good idea of what the next 2-4 weeks need to look like, but we try not to map out too far in the future.
  • Organization โ€“ Candidate needs the ability to stay on top of multiple projects at once and still get things done.
  • Ability to move projects forward without getting stuck โ€“ A 90% quality project that is finished is more valuable to us than a 100% perfect project that hasn't been released.

About The Position:

  • This is a fully remote position โ€“ our current team spans North America, South America, Asia, etc, and our customers are located around the world. You can be located anywhere, however, we need a candidate with like-native English skillset and decent overlap with US workday hours.
  • In the application please let us know your rates/salary requirements.
  • While hours are regular from week-to-week, this role is probably on a contract/1099 basis. As such, we expect candidate to have their own laptop, workspace, etc. We expect ~10-20 hours per week of availability but flexible on when those hours are completed aside from check-in meetings. We understand that you likely have other projects or clients you are working on.
  • There is a chance that this role can convert to a full-time employee and benefits structure in the future but we are flexible on how this role grows over time.
  • Flexible work environment & great work/life balance. We have families and hobbies and are not here to build a rocket ship company. We donโ€™t want to pull overnighters, either.
  • Please use the word spaceship somewhere in your application email so we can filter out applicants with poor attention to detail.

To apply, please email jobs [at] contentharmony [dot] com and tell us about why youโ€™re interested in the role.

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