Project Manager

Job Description:

We’re looking for a full-time Project Manager to manage client roadmaps, team utilization, & capacity planning for 20+ clients and 10-20+ staff at our growing content marketing agency. The Project Manager is responsible for hands-on project management, overseeing and directing multiple projects at a time, typically for 3/6/12 month projects, and ensuring that projects meet or exceed internal team and client expectations.

This role will ensure the completion of projects, on time and on budget, proactively managing details from onboarding to delivery. This includes interfacing with the internal project team regularly by setting up and driving team meetings and project documentation, and ensuring that the right information is communicated as needed. The Project Manager will be responsible for creating project plans, identifying and addressing project risks, and ensuring project team members meet their deliverables in the hours allotted.

What You Will Be Doing:

  • 70% – Team Management & Project Management
    • Managing members of our strategy team and creative team to keep projects on track and make sure everyone is aware of what’s next.
    • Keeping projects on-time and on-budget.
    • Making sure team members are aware of upcoming due dates/needs.
  • 15% – Leadership Coordination
    • Communicating with team leaders on upcoming capacity needs for staff and outstanding issues on delivery dates and other project warning signs.
  • 15% – Client Communications
    • Keep clients informed on project status and upcoming needs.
    • Staying involved in client meetings and onboarding.
    • Make sure clients know full project roadmap, what’s next, what’s happening, etc.

Desired Experience:

  • 2-5+ years agency project management experience preferred.

Desired Skills:

  • Client Management
    • Manage day to day projects by coordinating clients and agency team.
    • Effectively utilize Content Harmony’s existing project management tools to organize deadlines and deliverables, and implement new processes where needed.
    • Be proactive in following up with clients and CH team members to ensure timely completion of projects.
    • Provide support to strategy and creative teams as required and anticipate their needs.
    • Inform management of any concerns/issues with the account to ensure client’s satisfaction with the agency.
    • Evaluate changes in scope and schedule, assess impact on a project plan, and coordinate recommendations to the client and CH leadership team.
  • Advanced knowledge of the internet in general – you should have a very solid understanding of what makes the internet tick.
  • Strong understanding of content marketing strategy and content production.
  • Basic/working knowledge of HTML and CSS, SEO, paid marketing, PR, and other digital marketing concepts.
  • Basic experience with Google Analytics – you’ll need to be GA-certified within 6 months of starting.
  • Flexibility – we work with clients big and small – one minute you might be managing a 1200-hour project for a national company, and the next moment you might be checking in on a small pilot program for a 10-person startup – that’s simply the nature of our business.
  • Organization
    • Solid project management skills; ability to coordinate, prioritize and handle multiple projects simultaneously.
    • Must be a very effective communicator and be able to thrive in a fast-paced environment working on multiple projects.
    • Goal-oriented, strategic thinker, collaborator with excellent organizational skills.
    • Detail-oriented with an ability to multi-task, delegate, and meet tight deadlines.
  • Reliable and responsible candidates are a must – We deal with clients daily and our actions have a direct impact on their business, good or bad.

About The Position:

  • This is a full time position with benefits. Salary DOE.
  • Full health and dental coverage for employee.
  • Flexible work environment & great work/life balance. We have zero expectation or desire for our team members to work 60 hours per week.
  • Please use the word spaceship somewhere in your application email so we can filter out applicants with poor attention to detail.

To apply, please complete our application form and tell us the three most important things you’ve implemented to keep projects on track in your past roles.

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