Our Content Marketing Process

We’ve spent a long time building out our processes and figuring how all of our tactics fit together as a cohesive content marketing strategy. Here’s what our content marketing process looks like:

Our Content Marketing Process

While not every stage and service is appropriate for every client, this should give some insight into our priorities and our approach to content marketing.

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  • […] Kane Jamison is the founder and most public face of Content Harmony, a Seattle agency that provides full-cycle content marketing to clients across a variety of industries. “We define it as four rough stages,” he explained. “Strategy and planning would be stage one. Stage two would be production and publishing of actual content. Step three would be promotion, distribution of it. Step four would kind of be the analytics measurement, optimization side of things, making them even better, and improving over time. It’s obviously all a cycle, and things blend together.” (You can see this balance in greater detail here.) […]

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