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Everybody wants to know pricing to hire a content marketing agency, so here it is:

Our content marketing programs typically cost $5k to $25k per month depending on your goals.

If you let us know your budget parameters in advance, our pricing won’t magically increase to fit your budget – we’ll simply tell you what we can accomplish given your resources. Likewise, if you know what goals you need to hit but don’t have budget identified yet, we’ll put together options that will allow us to reach those goals and then revise if the budget doesn’t match the goals.

We typically work with clients in one of the following ways:

Managed Content Programs

Our Managed Content Programs are a good fit for clients that want us to build and manage their content marketing program, including promotion.

Typical Program Scope:

  • Content Harmony team builds 2-10 content assets per month.
  • We follow up with content promotion via email outreach, paid social, or a combination of paid and earned media tactics.

Pricing Examples:

  • Content programs are typically $5k-25k per month depending on the number of focus areas.
  • We build programs based upon client goals, typically optimized for one of the following focus areas: reaching specific audiences, building organic search, and earning links and press coverage.

Strategy Retainers & Projects

Strategy Retainers are a good for clients that have a content creation team in place, but need help with content marketing strategy and promotion efforts.

Scope Examples:

  • Content Harmony team helps build content marketing & SEO strategy, and gameplans to support content team's growth.
  • Ongoing consulting & strategy development.
  • Team coaching, training, and process documentation.

Pricing Examples:

  • Typical strategy retainer scopes are $5k per month for 30 hours, or $10k per month for 60 hours. Those aren't arbitrary numbers - they represent about 25 and 50% of a given strategist's time each month, respectively.
  • Strategy projects (1-3 months) are typically 50-200 hours in scope and are custom quoted.

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