Question: How do I add links to my LinkedIn profile?


Here’s how you can add links to your LinkedIn profile:

1. Set Up a Profile

If you don’t already have a profile, create one. There are plenty of tutorials out there – we recommend the tutorial from LinkedIn itself to get you started. Kane’s profile is pictured below, with the areas that we’re interested in highlighted for clarity. You’ll need to click on “Contact Info” in order to see the links where the arrows are pointing.

[photo being replaced]

2. Add Sites to Your Contact Info

If you’re logged in, you can select “Edit Profile” from the Profile Menu, which will show an “Edit Contact Info”  prompt in the rectangular box beneath your number of connections. Once you select that box, the following will appear:

Editing Your LinkedIn Contact Info

You can add- and name- up to three links. In this example, there’s a Resume and a Company Website, and a prompt to add a third site. If you choose to edit or add a website, you will be taken to the contact info editing window, shown below:

LinkedIn Editing WindowLinkedIn offers you several pre-populated website types- from “Company Website” to “Blog” but to get the kind of links you want, you need to make sure that the anchor text is relevant to your company or product, and that means selecting the “Other” option, as was done for the Resume example above. If you select the “Other” option, LinkedIn will give you a Website Title prompt first, followed by a URL prompt second (as seen in the third example above).

We recommend using your brand name to link to your homepage, and matching your page title to your 2nd and 3rd links. For ours, we use:

  • Content Harmony” to link to the homepage.
  • Content Marketing Services” to link to our services page.
  • Content Harmony Blog” to link to our blog.

3. That’s It!

Be sure to save your changes, and from there, let LinkedIn do the work. Paid accounts can be useful if you want to get your business or your personal profile in front of more potential customers, but the basics are available to everyone, and LinkedIn does a great job of providing services for free.

If you have three internal pages that are substantially different, you could easily create a link for “Microsoft” leading to that company’s homepage,”Microsoft Blog” and “News about Microsoft” aimed at a press release page, for instance.

4. Ask All Employees To Add These Links

These three link opportunities are easy, relevant and priceless for businesses. If your employees aren’t already linking to you, ask them. Be sure to ask former employees who left on good terms, and if you’re a supplier or a vendor for another company, it doesn’t hurt to ask them as well. You never know until you ask!

Note regarding questions about SEO value: At the time this was written, links from LinkedIn profiles are sent through something called a “302 redirect”, which means they may not provide value from an SEO standpoint. Regardless of how Google treats them, the links have value for branding, and there are ways to get these links indexed on other high-authority websites in a way that does offer SEO value.


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