Managed Briefs Program Onboarding Questionnaire

  • Tell Us About Yourself

  • Tell Us More About Your Brand

  • What is your product or service, and how does your company make money (if it's not obvious)?
  • Helpful information: Geography, their interests, their motivations in buying from you, income or other demographic groups they fall into, other brands they tend to buy from, etc.
  • If you're an outdoor retailer, maybe it's hiking and camping. If you're a social media toolset, maybe it a focus on paid social media.
  • Your Marketing Efforts

  • Will you be sharing these briefs with internal writers, freelance writers, internal stakeholders, etc?
  • Please enter a number from 11 to 13.
  • Once you hit submit on the button below, our team will review your submission and reach out to schedule an initial phone call. During that call, we'll discuss the rest of the process, including how we work together on identifying keywords to target, how we set up invoicing and service agreements, and answer any other questions you have about the program.

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