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Our Audience Program is exclusively focused on
reaching your *exact* audience.

We combine long-form content with highly-targeted paid social budget to drive immediate website traffic from your target audience, without waiting months for organic traffic once your content is ranking.

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Many of our clients come to us struggling to reach a specific group of people -- their actual customers. Groups of people that look like this:

  • Parents of kids 6-12
  • CEOs of mid-sized startups
  • HR directors at retailers
  • Foodies who love wine

The problem these companies run into is that they want to invest in content marketing and SEO, but their niche is filled with major competitors and they can’t afford to invest in 1-2 years of content creation and promotion without seeing results.

We’ve built a program that will help companies like this produce content that reaches their target audience the day it launches, allowing them to invest in content marketing and SEO for the long term while seeing traffic and results in the short term.  

Paid promotion is the key to our program—it ensures that our content reaches your target audience. Next, we educate them on what you sell through retargeting and email marketing.

"We use paid social media traffic to deliver the benefits of content marketing on a more aggressive timeline."

Kane Jamison,
Content Harmony Founder 

"One thing that’s difficult in this industry is getting people to follow through on the things they say they’re going to do. I think that’s probably the best quality of Content Harmony – I can always count on their team that 100 percent of what was said will be done."

Conor, User Acquisition Lead, Mobile Gaming Company

How It Works


1. We Build Your Audience Profile

We use your questionnaire responses to build target audience profiles. These cover everything from where your customers live and work, to their favorite travel destinations, financial habits, and more. These make up the targeting parameters that we'll use to promote content to your actual audience.

2. We Identify The Topics

We pitch content ideas that your target audience will want to read, supported by keyword and competitor research. This content is designed to get traffic from the customers you want to reach, not to sell your products, so the most important factor is whether your audience will find it valuable.


3. We Build The Content

We build the content complete with graphics, examples, and more. We use a variety of formats, and content is thoroughly-researched and long form - typically 1000-2000 words in length. Our team will use angles like inspirational stories, tutorials, trend updates, evergreen resources, curated lists, and more.

4. We Launch & Share

We launch the content on your website and give your team the copy and graphics you need to promote the content on your normal channels, like your newsletter and social media feeds.

5. We Drive Targeted Traffic

Once the content is published, we use paid social channels to drive clicks from the target audience you’re trying to reach. Our program includes built-in budget to guarantee traffic from the target audiences that we identify in the beginning of the process.

6. We Retarget & Acquire Emails

The most important part of this process is that our team uses retargeting ads and email acquisition to build your audience over time, so that we can educate those users on what you sell and bring them back to the website. We can either connect our efforts with your existing retargeting funnel, or set one up for you.

So what is the difference between our Search Program, our Audience Program, and our Coverage Program?

Search Program

We use long-form content and email outreach to earn links and build organic traffic.

Audience Program

We use long-form content and paid social to introduce your brand to hard-to-reach audiences.

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Coverage Program

We use niche resources and extensive email outreach to earn dozens of links to your content.

Examples Of Audiences We Can Reach

We use a combination of paid traffic sources such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Outbrain, Reddit, and more.

We’ll identify the ideal traffic mix during your onboarding consultation. 

B2C Audiences:

➡ Gluten-free dieters over 40

➡ Parents of kids 6-12 who like basketball

➡ Young moms who are interested in affordable fashion

➡ Retirees with new electronic devices

➡ Gardeners interested in sustainability workshops

B2B Audiences:

➡ West Coast CMOs at eCommerce & retail companies

➡ VP / C-Suite HR leaders in healthcare

➡ Social media marketers for SMBs 

➡ Therapists and psychologists interested in remote practice

➡ Salespeople who travel for work

Content Formats That We'll Use

We use a combination of keyword research and content performance metrics to identify the core topics your audience cares about. Once we pitch you those topics, we create content that your audience can't help but read. 

Here are some examples of titles we might deliver: 

How To Onboard Remote Employees

Wedding Registry Ideas for Travelers

Vegan Protein Breakfast Ideas

30 Days To A Streamlined Sales Process

Seattle's 15 Best Rainy Day Activities For Kids

What Everyone Needs To Know About App Privacy Settings

The Future of WordPress Hosting Options

How To Build A Deck For Under $1500

Why Top CEOs & Athletes Meditate

These examples strike the right balance between having long-term SEO potential, staying on-brand for our clients, and being interesting enough to earn traffic from your audience.

What Our Clients Say

We've worked extensively with software, eCommerce, and lead gen companies over the years. View more reviews on our Clutch profile.

"The first project that we did with Content Harmony was a test run to see how well we worked together and how good they were. That work increased pageviews on our marketing site by almost 300%, increased our session duration by 150%, and also dropped our bounce rate by about 13%."

Seth, Co-Founder, Rival IQ

"I have been working with Content Harmony for 2 months now and so far I must say I am impressed with the quality of service they provide. They have been very thorough in project approach and very creative in tackling some of the issues I have challenged them with."

Julien, SEO Manager,

"I’ve always felt really pleased about Content Harmony’s approach and their responsiveness – they were on the ball and knew what we were doing since day one. [Within 12 months] we’ve gone from around 5,000 visitors per day to upwards of 90,000 per day from organic search."

Alex, Co-Founder, PBH Network

We Guarantee Traffic From Our Content, Not Just Word Count

We build paid social budget into all of our campaigns, ensuring that your target audience sees the content.

During our onboarding call, we'll identify a likely traffic target that we can guarantee for every piece of content. This varies depending on your target audience, but 500 to 1,500 sessions per content launch is the typical range. When we build B2B programs around LinkedIn traffic, those tends to have smaller traffic figures due to higher PPC costs.

We use initial launch traffic to get faster results from content, but the long-term benefits of SEO are still one of the best reasons to invest in content marketing.


Click Get Started on the program that fits your needs and budget to start the onboarding questionnaire process.

We'll schedule a call to discuss your business and your audience, and answer questions you have about the program.

2x Monthly Program

➡ 2 content launches per month

➡ Typical guaranteed monthly traffic of 1,000 to 2,000 targeted visitors

$5,000 per month

4x Monthly Program

➡ 4 content launches per month

➡ Typical guaranteed monthly traffic of 2,000 to 4,000 targeted visitors

$10,000 per month

Custom Programs

➡ 8-20 content launches per month

➡ Typical guaranteed monthly traffic of 8,000 to 40,000 targeted visitors

➡ Additional focus areas like link acquisition and PR

Custom Quotes Provided

Not Actively Using Retargeting or Email Marketing?
Our team can set up or take over these efforts for you.  

Once we drive traffic to your content from your target audience, then we convert those visitors to email subscribers, and finally we run retargeting campaigns to educate them on what you offer, and bringing them back to the website. This portion of our service is only offered as an add-on to the programs listed above.

Cost: $1500 to $2500 per month depending on current traffic levels. 

Program Requirements

Any program this good has to have some entry requirements, right?

We have a few ground rules that are in place to ensure the success of your program.

Conversion Tracking:

We need to be able to see goals like email signups, contact inquiries, and eCommerce conversions properly tracking in Google Analytics. We can help you set this up if it’s missing or not up to our standards.

Flexible Editorial Requirements:

Part of the program success can be tied to the type of content we produce. We’ll bring ideas to you that are relevant to your business but more importantly, they’ll be interesting to your audience. The goal is not to produce an article on why people should buy what you’re selling -- it’s to get your target audience to visit your site and start a relationship with your brand.

Up-To-Date Website Software & Design:

We can make this program work on multiple platforms, however if your site was built on Joomla and designed in 2009, unfortunately we probably won’t be the best use of your marketing budget.

Retargeting & Email Marketing:

While we can drive great targeted traffic to your site, those visitors are unlikely to buy something after reading a blog post. That’s why we try to aim to get them to subscribe to your email list and run retargeting campaigns to show ads to them after they leave the site, educating them on what you sell. If you’re not already running email marketing and retargeting campaigns yourself, we’ll ask that you allow us to do so to make sure you’re getting the most value from our work.


If you work at another agency or vendor, and your clients could benefit from being exposed to a larger potential audience while simultaneously investing in SEO, please reach out regarding referral or partnership opportunities.

Note: Unfortunately our services are too high touch for us to be able to offer white-label partnerships.

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