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What Our Clients Say:

What I like about working with Content Harmony is that it’s a smaller firm — you get lots of attention and they’re very selective about the projects they take on. They aren’t juggling too many balls, so you can definitely get that one-on-one attention when you need it.

—User Acquisition Lead, Gaming Company

Social, search, and native ads—when done well—are an affordable way to reach your target audience. Through our careful audience research, we’ll work to get you a strong cost per click for qualified users, whether you’re looking to promote your content to influencers or directly to your likely customers and fans.

Native Ad Management

More clickable and shareable than banner ads, native ads specifically show your editorial content to your target audience while they’re already reading content on their favorite sites. Studies show that the less an advertisement looks like an ad, the more likely it is to be clicked, and—when coupled with solid, interesting content—native ads hardly look like ads at all.

We’ll help you make your native advertising campaigns successful by targeting your specific audience, testing compelling copy, and optimizing campaigns to reach your brand’s goals.

Facebook Ad Management

Facebook offers perhaps the most specific audience targeting available on social ads, making it an ideal advertising channel for almost any content pieces. We’ll use our experience in Facebook Ads Manager and Facebook Power Editor to maximize your campaign’s success.

Twitter Ad Management

From targeting specific Twitter handles to promoting content to followers of specific accounts, Twitter ads can be a strong addition to your social amplification strategy. We can conduct thorough audience research and craft compelling content to help you reach your target audience on Twitter.

Instagram Ad Management

Advertising to your target audience is now available to everyone through Facebook’s Ad Manager, but how do you build a successful Instagram advertising campaign? We’ll take the guesswork out of promoting your content on Instagram through careful research and content assets designed to boost engagement, clicks, and followers.

LinkedIn Ad Management

When it comes to targeting an audience based on professional industry and position, it’s hard to beat LinkedIn. Whether you’re looking to target journalists or want to focus specifically on marketing managers with 5+ years of experience, we can get your content in front of the right people with LinkedIn’s advertising platform.

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