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As an owned media channel full of consumers who have shown active interest in your brand, a well-nurtured, active email list can be one of your greatest tools as a digital marketer.

Here are a few ways we maximize your email marketing strategy.

Email Newsletter Management

Everyone is subscribed to at least one or two email lists that go months without an email send. That inevitably leads to a lot of subscribers wondering, “When did I sign up for this?”

Consistency in timing is one of the most important keys to keeping a healthy email list. Whether that means a daily automated send at 7am or a standard campaign that goes out on the first Tuesday of every month, a regular email newsletter will keep your audience engaged. We can help you both build a regular email newsletter cadence, an email calendar, and individual campaigns.

Drip Campaigns

Drip campaigns help introduce your audience to your business and how you can help them. With a drip campaign, you set up a series of emails based on specific user actions or timelines. For example, if you offer a two week free trial of your product, we can schedule a series of emails in a drip campaign that allow you to keep a dialog going with potential buyers.

A well-organized drip campaign could include tips and tricks for getting the most out of your product, a link to frequently asked questions, an email offering a one-on-one tutorial, a survey after the trial ends, and more.

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