Managed Briefs

Our Managed Content Briefs program helps your team build content faster.

Good creative briefs are an essential step towards successful content creation. Writers canโ€™t produce great work without understanding the topic, your audience, and your goals for that piece.

Our team takes over your content brief development process, making sure your writers have the critical research and details that they need to produce great content marketing results.

Your team needs great long-form content to see strong SEO and content marketing results.

But if your SEO team or marketing strategists are strapped for time, our strategists can step in to help learn your brandโ€™s content requirements and deliver ongoing content briefs as you need them.

Done-For-You Briefs Pricing

Each brief covers critical details on topic requirements and a suggested content outline.

Each program includes an upfront onboarding to make sure our team understands your goals and other brand requirements.

Pricing below can be ordered one-time or on an ongoing subscription basis:

1-4 Briefs

Appropriate for most content marketing teams creating 20-50 content assets per year.

$180 per brief

5-8 Briefs

Appropriate for most content marketing teams creating 50-100 content assets per year.

$150 per brief

10+ Briefs

Appropriate for large-scale publishers and agencies creating 100-1,000+ content assets per year

$120 per brief

Need a different scope or something custom? We can generate custom pricing based upon custom brief requirements, or highly templated content briefs for structured page templates.

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ROI Breakdown

Adding our briefs to a 2,000 word piece of content only adds 5-10 cents per word to final cost.

Letโ€™s take a quick second to analyze pricing and how this can impact your current content program.

Letโ€™s say youโ€™re paying a talented writer somewhere around 25-40 cents per word to build long form content for your brand (or more likely 50 cents to $1+ per word for technical B2B content). Every piece averages 2,000 words, so youโ€™re paying $500-800 per piece for that writer, and youโ€™re probably paying staff or an editor even more for their time to review the piece.

By adding in a comprehensive brief that takes into account topic and keyword requirements, competitor analysis, brand requirements, analysis of top audience questions, and reviewing authoritative sources, youโ€™re adding in 5-10 cents per word of strategy cost, and youโ€™re freeing up your strategy team to work on other projects.

But โ€“ your process now gives your clearer instructions, a more defined concept of what each piece needs to include, and a lower likelihood of that content having to go through multiple rounds of reviews and editing because the structure and focus of the piece is off.

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