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I really like the fact that we can work so closely with the Content Harmony team. They’re a smaller shop, so it really helps to have that more personal feel. We’ve been very impressed with their entire team.

—CEO, Software Training Company

There are few things more valuable to a brand than a powerful presence on the most popular search engines. A huge social following is good, but search represents people who are actively looking for the solutions that your brand or organization provides, which means good SEO is often the difference between your content being seen and on the first page of Google or unseen and not ranked at all.

Whether you need someone to create brand new well-optimized content to help finding opportunities to improve how existing content ranks across your site, we can boost your organic search by building landing pages, detailed case studies, and beyond.

Here are some of the ways we help our clients increase their organic search traffic:

Organic search strategy and consulting

Successful SEO starts with a solid strategy that includes on-site optimization, keyword-driven content, and high-quality inbound links. We can help you create a strong organic search strategy that’s specific to you and your brand, either on a consulting or tactical level.

Keyword research and content development

Above anything else, good content should be compelling and valuable to your target audience, something that’s hard to do when you revisit existing content and edit it to fit your keyword needs.

That’s why it’s important to start with the keywords and craft excellent content around them rather than starting with the content and adding keywords later. We’ll conduct keyword research by looking at your current site analytics, current site rankings, competitor rankings, keyword search volume, and more.

After we organize and decode that keyword data, we’ll be able to build optimized landing pages, engaging blog content, stellar white papers, and more around keywords that can boost your SEO for the terms that matter most to your business.

Technical website audits and changes

When it comes to good SEO, knowing the right keywords and creating compelling content are only half the battle. We’ll conduct a full technical SEO audit of your website and compile a list of suggested changes that will boost your search engine ranking and optimization.

Content promotion and link building

So, you’ve done the research, put in the time, and came out with an excellent piece of content that’s designed to educate and entertain your target audience. Now what?

Lack of content promotion is one of the biggest mistakes you can make in your content marketing strategy. After all, what value does your content have if no one sees it? When it comes to SEO, promotion is just as important as including various keywords, and one of the most valuable types of promotion is link building.

At Content Harmony, we can create content promotion campaigns designed to build relationships with writers, bloggers, and thought leaders that will boost your followed inbound links by organic means that will make Google happy rather than paid, nofollow links that are easy to get but bring your brand little value.


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