Pets Best’s Dog Owner’s Guide

Pets Best’s Dog Owner’s Guide

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Content Marketing Example Overview

Pet insurance companies have three obvious customer acquisition targets:

  • People with dogs or cats who have another insurance company.
  • People with dogs or cats who don’t have insurance.
  • People who just got their first dog or cat.

The first group will be tough to acquire, as you have to convince them to switch insurance companies. Among the second group, many have already considered pet insurance and decided it’s not for them.

But new pet owners—now we’re talking. If you can acquire them, you’re likely to keep them for the life of that pet … and maybe their next pet, and their next, and their next.

Pet insurance company Pets Best understands this, and they also understand a basic principle of content marketing—serve your reader. New pet owners have lots of questions. “Should I Buy Pet Insurance?” is only one of them.

If you really want to serve this audience, you have to answer all their questions. So Pets Best created a Dog Owner’s Guide that covers everything from bringing your pooch home for the first time to taking them to the family reunion.  Conveniently, the long-form content that results from such an approach is something Google’s search ranking algorithm likes too.

Why It’s Great Content Marketing

It’s Easy To Navigate

This table of contents puts new pet owners one click or tap away from the information that matters to them. They can also see, at a single glance, just how comprehensive the guide truly is.

pets best table of content

Screenshot of Table of Contents, via PetsBest

It’s Educational

New dog owners have a lot to learn. The Pets Best guide delivers this information in a clear, well-organized way. And they make sure to emphasize the most important bits of knowledge—like the seemingly innocuous food items that could hurt your dog.

Screenshot of dangerous or toxic foods for dogs, via PetsBest


It’s Backed Up By Unique Data

A guide for new pet owners isn’t an original idea, so Pets Best realized that at least some of the content needed to be original. This helps differentiate the guide from what’s already out there, and it’s a sign of quality to readers, search engines, and editors at other blogs.

Screenshot of Ongoing Health Care, via PetsBest

It’s Evergreen

The Pets Best guide focuses on four main areas—taking your dog home, training your dog, dog health care, and traveling with dogs. These will always be important issues for pet owners (at least until the advent of robot dogs). So Pets Best will never need to make major structural changes to the guide, only minor edits to the sections within to account for new internal statistics, changes in veterinary advice, new TSA regulations and the like.

It’s Linkable

With a good outreach strategy and consistent, ongoing outreach, this guide has the potential of getting high-quality links. It has comprehensive information, unique content, and a modern layout.

The Pets Best Dog Owner’s Guide answers the most important questions that new dog owners have. This allows Pets Best to not only reach potentially valuable customers, but build trust with them as well.

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