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At Content Harmony, we make it easier to research and build in-depth content that your audience and search engines will love. ย Weโ€™re an essential content writing tool that will supercharge your content development workflow.

"Content Harmony gives you the freshest data and is a great place to do content briefs. It saves me time and gives me a lot more confidence that the articles we produce are going to rank well and beat the competition."

-Blair Feehan, Senior Content Marketing Manager, Rival IQ

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Benefit from a foolproof research workflow

Content Harmonyโ€™s end-to-end workflow is proven to cut down the time needed for research from a couple of hours to 30 minutes.

Thereโ€™s no need to wrestle with 30 different tabs, manually examine top-ranking SERP results, scour through Quora and Reddit forums, or try to uncover relevant videos. With Content Harmony, all your research is simplified into running a single keyword report โ€” hit โ€˜run reportโ€™ and weโ€™ll take care of the rest.

At Content Harmony, we make it easier to research and build in-depth content that completely covers a topic, making your content more likely to rank in the process.

We scour the web to help your content become the most authoritative source for that topic.

Each Keyword Report contains all of the critical data your team needs during the content research process:

  1. Search Intent - what type of results does Google want to show?
  2. Topic Analysis - what critical sub-topics should you include?
  3. Competitor Outlines - how can we build a better outline than competitors?
  4. Questions - what critical questions do we need to answer?
  5. Authoritative Sources - who should we be citing?
  6. Competitor Analysis - what SEO factors are at play for this topic?
  7. Image/Visual Analysis - what visual content do we need to include?
  8. Videos - what video content should we be considering?

Avoid messy rewrites and miscommunication

One of the challenges with content teams is when SEOs and writers have wildly different expectations from the topic. This can manifest itself with multiple revision requests, or a complete rewrite โ€” wasting hours of lost productivity.

Great content briefs solve that challenge โ€” a brief can hone in on things like:

  • Desired content type and search intent
  • Primary and semantically related keywords
  • Brand and tone guidelines
  • Desired word length

Even if your team doesnโ€™t use briefs in your content creation workflow, a single writer conducting their own research still gets most of the benefits from Content Harmonyโ€™s workflow.

Build your brief in our tool and then hit one-click to share with other stakeholders.

Content Harmony helps you build the best briefs in the world โ€” when scouring through the Keyword Report, simply highlight sections that appeal to you and insert them dynamically inside the content brief tab.

Add tables, checklists, notes, comments, and emojis to pass on the most in-depth information to your writer and watch revision requests plummet as a result.

Our dynamic block editor makes your content brief pop, ensuring all stakeholders are on the same page with context expectations.

Quickly optimize content before hitting publish

Many content teams have an SEO analyst comb through the final draft and sprinkle keywords as needed.

This haphazard keyword insertion can impact the flow and readability of the post.

Content Harmonyโ€™s Content Grader assists writers with optimizing the post without needing the SEO team to review it manually. The Content Grader is built on top of IBMโ€™s AI-driven keyword extraction API โ€” and it focuses on cutting out the noise to give you the most critical terms and keywords to include in your own content.

Weโ€™ll analyze your draft when itโ€™s pasted in the Content Grader and give you an overall score. Youโ€™re also able to check which phrase recommendations were included and what sub-topics you may have missed.

Personalized training, onboarding, and migration with each plan

Learning new tools and workflows takes time and can result in hours of lost productivity for large content teams.

That's why we offer personalized training and onboarding calls for folks to get up to speed faster.

Live training sessions cover how to build briefs, analyze keyword reports, optimize content, uncover search intent, and more. We can also record the calls for your internal training & onboarding processes. ย 

Pictured: Personalized training session for an international content team.

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