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We're a content marketing software & services company born in Seattle, built by a distributed team.

What Is
Content Harmony?

A balanced approach to content marketing across strategy, production, and promotion. Most content marketing programs are lacking in one of these areas. Our goal is to help our clients fix that.

What Does Content Harmony Do?

We Build Content Marketing Software

Est. 2018

Our team is currently developing software that streamlines the process of building a content marketing program that can succeed at SEO. Our software is currently open to clients and beta testers with a public release planned for 2019.

We Build Content Marketing Programs

Est. 2009

Our team builds and manages high-performing content marketing programs, typically for software & eCommerce clients. We focus on content marketing programs driven by SEO, paid social, and PR & outreach.

Who Does Content Harmony Work With?

In short, we work with high-growth teams who are looking to scale their brand through content marketing and SEO. Typically our clients are software or eCommerce companies of some type, but we've worked with a variety of businesses from non-profits to marketplaces to fashion and more.

Our most successful engagements are with clients who have nailed one of their direct acquisition channels like paid media or outbound sales, and are looking to expand their brand on top of that success.

Current & Past Clients

Industry Recognition

OK, But *Who* Is Content Harmony?

Hey, thanks for asking!

Content Harmony was founded by Kane Jamison in 2009. Our team is split into our Strategy Team, handling client strategy and promotion, and our Creative Team, who handles all content production.

Born in Seattle, WA, our team is now distributed and operates entirely remotely.

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