Meet Content Harmony

We’re a content marketing software company born in Seattle, built by a distributed team.

What Is
Content Harmony?

A balanced approach to content marketing across strategy, production, and promotion. Most content marketing programs are lacking in one of these areas. Our goal is to help our clients fix that.

Who Does Content Harmony Work With?

Over the years our content marketing agency team worked with over 100 clients across a variety of industries and business models.

So, we’ve seen what works with content marketing for just about every situation you can imagine.

Our software is specifically designed for teams collaborating on multiple content assets each month – which primarily includes marketing agencies, publishers, in-house marketing teams, and freelance writers.

Industry Recognition

OK, But *Who* Is Content Harmony?

Hey, thanks for asking!

Content Harmony was founded by Kane Jamison in 2009. Operated as an agency for nearly 10 years, we recently launched our new software offering in 2020, and our agency team moved over to Fixture Media.

Born in Seattle, WA, our team is now distributed and operates entirely remotely.

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