Our Results

Just a handful of our team's successful campaigns.

Note: We keep the client identity confidential in most of these case studies so that we can share actual performance metrics with you.

+100 Referring Domains & +45,000 Monthly Organic Sessions in 6 Months

45,000 new organic visitors per month to their blog - a 150% growth within 6 months of kickoff.

90+ Digital, Print, & TV Placements for eCommerce Startup

Placement & links from Mashable, Fortune, Mic.com, USA Today, and more.

1,381% 6-Year Traffic Growth For B2B Services Company

(That's a 56.71% CAGR)

32,157 Visits Within 3 Weeks of Launch

This paid social launch hit a $0.19 cost per engagement on a targeted (and converting) Facebook audience.

22 Placements For Evergreen Solar Power Asset

Placement & links from VICE, The Honolulu Star-Advertiser, Rocky Mountain Institute, CleanTechnica, and more.

41% Revenue Growth for Pet eCommerce Company

41% increase in revenue due to non-paid channels during the first 9 months of working with Content Harmony.

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Our Results

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