Content Harmony helps publishers build better content across their team without hiring more SEO strategists.

Most of the publishers we work with have already built great teams with smart writers.

But sometimes they struggle to get their editorial team onboard with SEO requirements and building long-form comprehensive content.

At Content Harmony, we make it easier to research and build in-depth content that completely covers a topic, making your content more likely to rank in the process.

Content Harmony's Keyword Reports contain all of the critical data your team needs during the content research process:

  1. Search Intent - what type of results does Google want to show?
  2. Topic Analysis - what critical sub-topics should you include?
  3. Competitor Outlines - how can we build a better outline than competitors?
  4. Questions - what critical questions do we need to answer?
  5. Authoritative Sources - who should we be citing?
  6. Competitor Analysis - what SEO factors are at play for this topic?
  7. Image/Visual Analysis - what visual content do we need to include?
  8. Videos - what video content should we be considering?

If your team is building briefs and passing them off to your writers, our Content Briefs help your team quickly assemble those documents, highlighting the most critical data for the writers.

And when it's time to audit your content drafts, your writers can each access a dedicated Content Grader for the current topic they're working on, so that you don't have to send every draft past the SEO team to "check on the keyword targeting."

Will Content Harmony support our team's volume?

We have teams with hundreds of users building thousands of pieces of content every month.

We can support teams doing even higher volumes, and we can set up billing across multiple teams if you need to keep a large volume of team members organized.

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