Content Harmony helps writers research their projects and cover topics more comprehensively, without having to become an SEO expert.

Content Harmony was designed to support a variety of content creation workflows, but we especially wanted to make sure that we could help writers who are doing their own content research, creating briefs and outlines for client or stakeholders to approve, and doing their own content optimization.

Whether you're an in-house writer, an agency staff writer, or a freelance writer, Content Harmony can help you speed up your research and produce better-optimized content.

Content Harmony's Keyword Reports contain all of the critical data you need during the content research process:

  1. Search Intent - what type of results does Google want to show?
  2. Topic Analysis - what critical sub-topics should you include?
  3. Competitor Outlines - how can we build a better outline than competitors?
  4. Questions - what critical questions do we need to answer?
  5. Authoritative Sources - who should we be citing?
  6. Competitor Analysis - what SEO factors are at play for this topic?
  7. Image/Visual Analysis - what visual content do we need to include?
  8. Videos - what video content should we be considering?

You can use our Content Briefs as a dedicated deliverable to clients and stakeholders before you write a complete draft, to make sure they sign off on your outline.

And our Content Grader helps you show them that you've covered a topic comprehensively, delivering more value than a writer who just drops off a normal draft.

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