Product Updates

The latest changes and updates to Content Harmony.

Announcing Our New Content Brief Editor

The new Content Brief editor inside the Content Harmony app has a fully-customizable block editor that allows you to add tables, checklists, emojis, notes, comments, and more. We've introduced a new Content Brief templating system as well.

Announcing Calm Company Fund's Investment in Content Harmony

Iโ€™m very happy to announce that Calm Company Fund has invested in Content Harmony, allowing us to accelerate our product roadmap by a full year.

Reddit & Stack Exchange Questions

Desktop Apps Available for Mac & Windows

Standalone Search Intent Reports

Content Grader Updates: Keyword Highlighting, Custom Variants, and Ignored Phrases

Archiveable Reports & Projects

WordAgents Integration

Our new WordAgents integration allows your team to request their writers to grade content drafts inside of Content Harmonyโ€™s content grader.

Feature Alert: โœ… Content Grader

Feature Alert: โญ Highlightable Headings & Redesigned Tiles

We just wrapped up our new Highlightable Headings feature and some design tweaks to make your brief workflow easier.

Feature Alert: Default Countries, NZ & ZA Results, & Localized GOV & EDU Results

Weโ€™ve got three new โ€œglobalโ€ features for our teams working on international projects.

Feature Alert: ๐Ÿ“ Content Brief Templates

For our power users who are producing a large number of briefs every week (which is most of you), we should be able to save you a ton of time with our new Brief Templates feature.