Announcing Calm Company Fund's Investment in Content Harmony

Iโ€™m very happy to announce that Calm Company Fund has invested in Content Harmony, allowing us to accelerate our product roadmap by a full year.

Reddit & Stack Exchange Questions

Desktop Apps Available for Mac & Windows

Standalone Search Intent Reports

Content Grader Updates: Keyword Highlighting, Custom Variants, and Ignored Phrases

Archiveable Reports & Projects

WordAgents Integration

Our new WordAgents integration allows your team to request their writers to grade content drafts inside of Content Harmonyโ€™s content grader.

Feature Alert: โœ… Content Grader

Feature Alert: โญ Highlightable Headings & Redesigned Tiles

We just wrapped up our new Highlightable Headings feature and some design tweaks to make your brief workflow easier.

Feature Alert: Default Countries, NZ & ZA Results, & Localized GOV & EDU Results

Weโ€™ve got three new โ€œglobalโ€ features for our teams working on international projects.

Feature Alert: ๐Ÿ“ Content Brief Templates

For our power users who are producing a large number of briefs every week (which is most of you), we should be able to save you a ton of time with our new Brief Templates feature.

Feature Alert: ๐ŸŽ“ Flesch-Kincaid Reading Scores

We now show you average readability metrics as well as individual competitors.

Feature Alert: Copy Brief To Clipboard

You can now export briefs to anywhere you want - Google Docs, Word, Notion, and more.

Feature Alert: UK, CA, & AU Results

Support for UK queries was one of our top three requested features since we launched last week, and weโ€™re opening up UK, Canada, and Australia searches for beta testing.โ€‹

Feature Alert: Content Briefs, Shareable URLs, and Heading Analysis

Content briefs are live, Public sharing URLs are active (use this to share with freelancers and clients), and you can review all competitor heading structures.