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Feature Alert: Default Countries, NZ & ZA Results, & Localized GOV & EDU Results

We’ve got three new “global” features for our teams working on international projects.
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We’ve got three new “global” features, aka, our non-US customers will appreciate these the most.

1 – Default Countries

You can now set up a default country for Teams & Projects.

  • When you add a default country to your entire Team, it will attach itself to each new Project you create
  • When you add a default country to your Project, it will show up as the default country selection when you go to run new keyword reports.
Example settings for a New Zealand-based project.

So if your agency and most clients are based in Australia, go ahead and set up Australia as your Team’s default country. If you get a new client in the UK, set that Project’s default country as UK instead.

You can always override this for individual batches of reports, so it is possible for a team member to run reports for any country by changing it for that batch of reports.

3 – We added results for New Zealand and South Africa

We’re now up to 6 total countries available – all results are in English for each country:​

Don’t worry we’ll alphabetize them someday.

2 – Localized GOV & EDU Results

When we pull Authoritative Sources from GOV & EDU domains in the US, we specifically look for .gov and .edu TLDs.

We have updated this to match the Government & University TLDs for each country.

That means in the UK, the “GOV & EDU Sources” section will show you results from .gov.uk and .ac.uk domains.

Here’s the full list of patterns we’re checking for each country:

  • US: gov & edu
  • UK: gov.uk & ac.uk
  • AU: gov.au & edu.au
  • NZ: govt.nz & ac.nz
  • ZA: gov.za & ac.za
  • CA: gc.ca & edu

Note: Apparently most Canadian universities use .ca extensions, so, we’re defaulting y’all to .edu results rather than mixing in non-university domains.

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