Content Grader Updates: Keyword Highlighting, Custom Variants, and Ignored Phrases

We have a few critical updates to our Content Grader this month.

Keyword Highlighting

As of today you can now see keywords highlighted in our Content Grader as you type:

Keyword highlighting has been fairly quick and reliable in our testing, however if you experience slowness on large documents (usually 5-10k words or more), you can turn off keyword highlighting with the blue toggle switch above the text editor.

Custom Variants & Ignored Phrases

These two features go hand in hand - we're now giving you simple ways to modify our default topic model.

Add Your Own Custom Variations

The first is that you can add custom variants to any of our suggested phrases to accommodate things like your brand's style requirements, or variations we may not have seen competitors using based upon capitalization, pluralization, etc.

In the example below, we suggest using the phrase "plastic shell", and the user is adding a custom variation for "plastic shells" to match the syntax they used inside of their draft.

"healthcare" vs "health care" is another example suggested to us by a user.

Ignoring Phrases

Likewise, we may encounter phrases that you want to remove from our topic model that are off-topic or otherwise undesirable. That's fine by us - you should always be able to make simple customizations like that to improve how the tool is working for you.

In Content Harmony it's as simple as clicking on a suggested phrase and selecting "Ignore This Suggestion" - we'll hide it at the bottom of the list, and then remove it from the scoring model.

The top phrase shows a phrase that you might choose to ignore. The bottom shows an ignored phrase that has been grayed out and moved to the bottom of the suggestions list.

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