Standalone Search Intent Reports

We just released the availability of standalone Search Intent Reports to all users.

That means you can get the same Search Intent data that we deliver inside each Keyword Report as a separate report.

Additionally, we give you a full desktop and mobile set of rankings inside of each Search Intent Report:

Desktop and Mobile search results available inside of Search Intent Reports

That paves the way for us to begin offering dedicated Search Intent plans for our customers who primarily want on-demand data, instead of a Content Brief & Content Grader workflow.

Because we already include a Search Intent Report embedded inside of each Keyword Report, you'll also be able to view that data separately in our Search Intent Reports section of each project, like this:

The top search intent report for "california llc formation" is the same search intent data that is embedded inside of the top Keyword Report.

Stay tuned for more great search intent features launching this spring. 😉

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