WordAgents Integration

Now that we’ve launched our new content grader, it allows us to do some fun partnerships with other teams who will be using that grader in their own content production processes.

I’m happy to share the first company on that list is WordAgents.

WordAgents is a content creation agency specializing in blog posts, website content, production descriptions, and other SEO-driven content support.

A number of Content Harmony customers already use them, and in fact, we use their team as our primary source of content on a couple of affiliate websites that we own and manage.

I’m happy to be able to vouch that their team does great work (especially when you give them a brief from Content Harmony).

This new integration allows your team to request their writers to grade content drafts inside of Content Harmony’s content grader.

To use it, you simply add one of our shareable brief URLs to your order form, and their team will take care of reaching whatever content grade you request. We generally would advise you to request writers to hit a score of “Great” on our scoring model. Most likely your long form content should already come close to scoring “Good” if the writers are following a comprehensive brief and outline.

The WordAgents order form even allows you to do bulk orders and included dedicated content grader links for each of them:

Ready to try it out? Head over to wordagents.com/content-harmony/ and you can currently get 30% off of your first order today.

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