Reddit & Stack Exchange Questions

The good news is that we have two awesome Questions sources added for you:


Some great retirement threads from Reddit - we sometimes can include subreddit name as well.

and Stack Exchange:

We search all of Stack Exchange except for StackOverflow, so these forums can help with all types of topics.

The bad news is that we finally got around to adding these because Yahoo! Answers is shutting down next month, so we will be removing Yahoo as a source in our Questions analysis.

Image via Katie Notopoulos / Buzzfeed

Now, you can laugh, but for over 2 years now we've actually seen really good Yahoo! Answers question ideas in consumer segments.

On the other hand, Yahoo! Answers wasn't really a great source for questions about enterprise IT security.

Go figure ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anyways, if you're feeling sad about this you can head over to Buzzfeed and enjoy some of their favorite Yahoo! Answers threads over the years.

I was going to pull some actual examples from our database but TLDR, they were all wildly NSFW.

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