Purple’s Product Videos

Notable Content Performance Metrics:

Content Formats:

  • 📼 Video

Marketing Objectives:

  • 📈 Brand Awareness
  • 👍 Engagement & Consideration
  • 💳 Conversion
  • 🤩 Retention

Industry / Business Model:

  • 👨‍👩‍ B2C
  • 📦 eCommerce / DTC

If you’re lucky enough to be marketing a completely revolutionary solution to a core customer problem, congratulations and we hope you enjoy your future yacht.

The rest of us have competition—and with VCs always on call to fund the next “disruptive” product, competition is fiercer than ever.

When competition is well-funded or there’s lots of it, marketers need to find a way to stand out. If your message is no different than your competitors’ it will simply get drowned in a sea of sameness.

Purple is one of many startups battling to disrupt the long-stagnant mattress industry. Casper, Winkbeds, Nectar, Bear, Crave — all, like Purple, are less than five years old.

To amplify their message, Purple invested in high-quality, information-dense, high-production-value video commercials. The videos for products like Purple’s platform and mattress are terrific examples of conversion-oriented marketing. Here’s why:

It Appeals To Anyone, Not Just People Looking for Mattresses

Not everyone is actively looking for a mattress, but just about everyone has a mattress. These videos attract views from people who have never heard of the company, educate them on the product and drive them towards conversion—even if that conversion happens years down the road.

It Holds The Viewer’s Interest

Like other popular viral sales videos of the past few years (Dollar Shave Club’s being the most cited example), Purple’s videos give viewers a reason to keep watching and learning more about the product by keeping them entertained:

Elaborate “stunts” like dropping huge panes of glass on a mattress, or having two sumo wrestlers have a wrestling match on top of your bed frame to show that it won’t squeak, go above and beyond more boring ways to illustrate that point – and convince you to buy in the process.

It’s Being Deployed Across Multiple Platforms

The videos are seamlessly integrated into Purple’s product pages, and can be used as preroll advertising on Youtube, in-feed video ads on Facebook, and on other distribution channels.

It Keeps Existing Customers Engaged

Imagine if you already owned their mattress, and then saw their Sumo wrestler video in your inbox — wouldn’t you be convinced to upgrade your mattress platform, too?

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