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So there are a few possible ways to pull data for your current browser URL in the new Just Discovered Links tab for Open Site Explorer.

  1. Just Discovered Links for the current page
  2. Just Discovered Links for the current subdomain
  3. Just Discovered Links for the entire domain

Just Discovered Links Bookmarklets for Open Site ExplorerDefault Bookmarklet Settings:

We’ve got three different bookmarklets you can use for each situation, and we’ll be adding custom code soon so you can filter by external vs internal links, as well as link type (301, followed, nofollowed, etc.). The pre-defined setting for the Bookmarklets are as follows:

Show Link Types:

  1. All (This is the default bookmarklet setting)
  2. Followed + 301
  3. Only Nofollowed
  4. Only 301

Show Links From:

  • All Links
  • Only External Links (This is the default bookmarklet setting)
  • Only Internal Links

The Bookmarklets & Code:

Take the link and drag it up to your bookmarks toolbar in your browser, or read the Delicious guide to installing a bookmarklet if you’re not sure how. All three bookmarklets have been tested in Chrome and Firefox. Please email kane [at] contentharmony.com if you have troubles with any of them.

Also, if you like these, don’t forget to check out our Bookmarklets for SEOMoz’s Fresh Web Explorer Tool (FWE)!




JDL This Subdomain



JDL This Domain



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