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From brick & mortar to e-commerce, from startups to enterprise, we’ve successfully helped a wide variety of clients use content marketing to build customer awareness, engagement, sales, and retention.

Our best programs are typically with software, eCommerce, and consumer brands.

Here are some glowing reviews from just a handful of our successful client partnerships:

“I have been working with Content Harmony for 2 months now and so far I must say I am impressed with the quality of service they provide.

They have been very thorough in my project approach and very creative in the way to tackle some of the issues I have challenged them with.

The team also have been very reactive so far to all my demands – highly recommend!”

SEO Manager, Fashion eCommerce

"The first project that we did with Content Harmony was a test run to see how well we worked together and how good they were. That work increased pageviews on our marketing site by almost 300 percent, increased our session duration by 150 percent, and also dropped our bounce rate by about 13 percent.

We later authored a research study with them, and they helped us get that study featured on [our top industry publication] the day it launched. To date, that study has been viewed more than 3,000 times."

Seth, Co-Founder, Rival IQ


We work really well with the following types of clients:

eCommerce & Retail

We love working with e-commerce companies that are ready to engage their community and scale their operations, both online and offline.

SaaS & Software

You don’t want to have to explain yourself when you mention ARPU on a call with your agency. Don’t worry, we speak your language.

Lifestyle Goods

Gluten-free snacks? Luxury watch enthusiasts? Ultralight backpacking tents? That’s right up our alley. We love helping companies with clearly defined fanbases, and we can help you tap into them.

Travel & Hospitality

Beach resort? Wilderness adventure guides? You’re probably going to need to educate your guests extensively before and during their stay, and it’s better to do this with content than hours of support calls.

National Service Providers

For established or fast-growing B2B or B2C service providers, content marketing can help you increase leads and conversion rates and grow your firm's reputation. Whether you’re a boutique financial services firm or a nationwide home services provider, we can help.


Do you live or die by pageview growth? Our services have helped established publishers grow traffic and pageviews by 30-80% within months, and we provide support on building editorial strategy that reflects user demand.

“One thing that’s difficult in this industry is getting people to follow through on the things they say they’re going to do. I think that’s probably the best quality of Content Harmony – I can always count on their team that 100 percent of what was said will be done.”

Conor, User Acquisition Lead, Big Fish Games

“I really like the fact that we can work so closely with the Content Harmony team. They’re a smaller shop, so it really helps to have that more personal feel.

We’ve been very impressed with their entire team.”

John, CEO, Software Training Company

I’ve always felt really pleased about Content Harmony’s approach and their responsiveness – they were on the ball and knew what we were doing since day one. [Within 12 months] we’ve gone from around 5,000 visitors per day to upwards of 90,000 per day from organic search.

Alex, Co-Founder, Publishing Network

Alyssa is great to work alongside to create top performing content. Having Content Harmony, a leading digital agency able to produce stellar content is one thing. But having Alyssa steering the ship to ensure that the content meets goals while driving value is exceptional. I haven't found a better digital content agency yet. I highly recommend Alyssa and Content Harmony, we love them!

Todd, Digital Content Marketing Manager, Liquid Web

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