Content Marketing Budget Examples For All Business Sizes

Content Marketing Budget Examples

One of the hardest things for business owners and marketers to figure out is what they should expect to spend on content marketing, and what kind of output they’ll see in return. Furthermore, they’re not sure where to spend their money even if they’ve figured out what their budget should be. In my full-day content […]

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A Bootstrapped Guide To Validating Your Customer Personas

B2B Customer Persona Template

So, your content marketing program is off the ground, but despite your promotional efforts, you’re not seeing any audience engagement. Sometimes it seems to disappear into a black hole. Other times you watch your content slide past a disinterested audience like dried up conveyor-belt sushi. GIF by Hama House You Probably Haven’t Properly Targeted Your Content […]

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9 E-Commerce Brands Winning With Twitter Images

Awesome Twitter Images From Brands

Images are an integral part of using Twitter to its fullest potential as a marketing tool. The research backs us up on this fact: Dan Zarrella’s 2013 Twitter Image study determined that tweets with images get more shares than those without images. 2013: “Tweets are 94% more likely to be retweeted when using, and […]

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Announcing ShareMetric 2 for Chrome


I’m really pleased to announce that the entirely new ShareMetric Chrome extension is published! Here’s a quick screenshot of what you can expect with all of its features enabled: Tons of New Features: When we first created ShareMetric about 2 years ago, our long term goal was to build a plugin that showed a complete […]

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What Mark Cuban Doesn’t Get About Content Marketing


I was watching an episode of Shark Tank this past week featuring young entrepreneurs. One of the entrepreneurs was Carter Kostler, the 15-year old owner and creator of Define Bottle, a fruit-infused water bottle. You can watch his portion of the episode here: About 2 minutes in the episode you’ll see the sharks ask Carter about […]

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A Complete Freelance Hiring Checklist For Marketers


Over the past few years we’ve found that hiring freelance contributors for big content projects requires asking a lot of questions. On top of that, our freelance hiring mistakes typically occur when we forget to ask questions we were already aware we should have asked. This has applied across the board for freelance writers, freelance […]

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How To Produce Great Conference Coverage

2014-11-10-How To Produce Great Conference Coverage

I’m a big fan of marketing with events. I’ve written in the past on Moz on the benefits of hosting your own events, I love hosting our local content marketing meetups here in Seattle, and last week they published my Whiteboard Friday video on “4 Tips for Producing Great Event Coverage” when covering industry events and conferences. […]

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The Minimum Viable Content Marketing Strategy


One of the undeniable laws of content marketing is that it works better when you have a documented strategy in place. Past research from Content Marketing Institute shows that: “Brands with a documented content marketing strategy: Are far more likely to consider themselves effective at content marketing, Feel significantly less challenged with every aspect of […]

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MozCon 2014 Tool List

mozcon 2014 tools

Last year at MozCon 2013, we kept a list of all of the tools that were mentioned by speakers. At MozCon 2012, Thomas Høgenhaven started the concept: MozCon 2012 Tools. They’ve been great resources that I refer back to frequently, and this year we’re keeping track again. So, below is a list of all of the tools mentioned […]

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MozCon 2014 Highlights & Quotes

MozCon 2014 Quotes & Coverage

We’re back again this year with our favorite quotes from every MozCon speaker. Choose a speaker below to see their quote images, each of which is perfectly sized for Twitter sharing. Don’t miss our list of Tools mentioned at MozCon 2014. Notice something we missed? Please email or tweet @kanejamison and we’ll get it […]

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MozCon 2013 Highlights & Quotes


Besides the great new tools, one of my favorite takeaways from conferences are the “potent quotables”. We’re curating a list of our favorite quotes from MozCon 2013, and we’ll post one new slidedeck here at the end of each day. Our live notes via Google docs are getting published at the bottom of this page […]

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MozCon 2013 Tools

Mozcon 2013 Tools

Last year at MozCon 2012, Thomas Høgenhaven kept a great list of all of the tools that were discussed throughout all of the MozCon presentations. It’s a great resource that I’ve referred back to a number of times in the past year, and since Thomas is unable to make it to MozCon 2013, we’ve decided to […]

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