ShareMetric Chrome Extension is a tool built by Content Harmony to display social share metrics in your Chrome browser.

Update 04/17/2014: We’re about to release a new version of ShareMetric, featuring:

  • Improved support for Pinterest
  • Link Data from Moz & ahrefs
  • Organic search visibility data from SEMRush.

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Add to Chrome:

To add ShareMetric to your browser, head over to the official ShareMetric listing in the Chrome Extensions Library.


Here’s a preview of the drop down being used at

ShareMetric count for

Setup Video:


We have no FAQ yet – notice something funny? First try refreshing the page – occasionally the extension gets tripped up by slow-loading pages and miscellaneous issues. If it keeps happening, shoot us an email at tools (at) and we’ll take a look.



ShareMetric was produced by Kane Jamison and Graeme Britz.

Hat tip to two parties:

  1. Yahel Carmon with – we love his tool and have wanted a Chrome version for a long time, so thanks to him for building the Shared Count website and providing it for free. Our plugin pulls the same stats in a similar way but does not use the SharedCount API.
  2. Tom Anthony – We originally wanted to call our extension SharePulse, but settled on ShareMetric since the SharePulse name was unavailable. After we had finished development and shared it with a few peers, we were told about Tom’s Chrome extension called Social Metrics, which has a more basic version of what our ShareMetric extension offers. We never meant to copy Tom’s name, it was purely by coincidence that the names were similar. Anyways, we’re big fans of the stuff Tom has released on his site over the years and didn’t want his work to go unmentioned – take a look at his Social Metrics extension here.

Tool Disclaimer:

This tool is provided free of use and has been tested by numerous beta testers but may occasionally have errors – we’re not responsible for anything that happens to your browser while using the extension. Use at your own risk.