Part-Time, Remote, Contract Rails Developer

Job Description:

Content Harmony is making is 10 times easier for content marketers and writers to conduct content research and produce creative briefs, and we’re looking for our first engineer – an intermediate to senior Rails Developer – to lead development.

This is an opportunity to have a long-lasting impact on our software’s infrastructure, team development, and user experience while tackling some fun crawl-the-entire-web-scale data challenges along the way.

We’re about to launch our fully-functional and well-polished MVP, and this role will be charged with taking the reins alongside our current contract developer and pushing forward on feature development as user feedback starts coming in more quickly.

This role is fully remote, part-time, and on a contract basis to begin. We are happy to scale it up to a full-time, fully remote role as our product revenue increases, or if you prefer, keep you in a part-time capacity while we add additional developer resources along the way.

About Our App:

Our Agency Team: Content Harmony is an established marketing agency founded around 2012. We work with large national brands to help them create and promote content projects, with a focus on growing their organic website traffic. We currently have 7 agency team members, mostly located in the Seattle area but all working remotely. Our agency team serves as our own testing group, validating our software while pointing out bugs and feature requests.

Our Software: In 2018, we embarked on a project to take our internal content production process and build a SaaS version for content marketers to integrate into their own workflow. You can learn some general information about our application at

Fast forward a few hundred hours and wireframes later and our application is nearly ready to launch after we wrap up our next round of beta testing.

Our Dev Process: To date, all development has been handled by our founder Kane alongside a contract Senior Rails Developer working 5-10 hours per week.

Kane has been handling product management and documenting feature development and building out Rails View files and CSS. Our current developer has handled all Model/Controller and app-wide decisions, integrating our app with a number of third party data & API providers and handling backend production.

Our Infrastructure: Our app is hosted on Heroku, with a general stack including Postgres + Redis + Sidekiq on the backend, and Bootstrap 4 on the front end. Minimal JS on the front end for now but we expect that to change over the next year. Our app is heavily supported by multiple paid third-party APIs that help us keep our infrastructure reasonably small. We have a solid foundation in place, and vanilla SAAS features like Stripe integrations and user/team privileges are well established already thanks to Bullet Train. We expect to be tackling fun challenges around building large internal databases as we grow (we have more than a few datasets with millions of rows we’d like to add into our application), and scaling our text analysis features across millions of pieces of content.

What You Will Be Doing:

This role is for a candidate to take the reins from our current contract developer, help us work through the initial year of bug/feature fixes as well as new feature development, and then build from there. Our current developer will stay in the picture, but his availability is limited, so the goal of this role is to increase our development speed.

Here’s how we expect your time will be split up:

  • 40% – Core Feature Development – Your largest role will be driving feature development as documented and outlined by our founder, Kane. As we approach public launch we will have built 1 of 5-6 total features we’d like to eventually add into our product, so we have plenty of roadmap to work on in the years to come.
  • 40% – Bugs & Infrastructure Development – We recognize that we can’t always be building fancy new things, and that we’ll need to make sure equal attention is spent on improving our overall platform, refactoring to accommodate future features as their scope becomes more clear, and replacing unreliable features and vendors as we grow.
  • 20% – Side Projects – Our app has a large number of potential side projects that we may need to work on for marketing purposes which will require developer resources, such as collecting large datasets inline with our existing product, or building internal agency features that may or may not go live for customers. These will come up once or twice per quarter.

Desired Experience:

  • At least 3 years of full-time Rails Development experience required, but more experienced candidates are welcome, too. Preference is given for a candidate who has worked within a multi-person development team, but individual bootstrapped app experience is valuable to us, too.
  • Decent Javascript experience. JS isn’t core to our product, but we have some miscellaneous scrapers and microservices built with JS and Node, and we have a few feature requirements in our roadmap that will require some front-end JS magic. We’ll most likely end up using some set of Rails JS (Turbolinks / Stimulus), or a platform like Vue/React.
  • Front-end and back-end development experience. We don’t need you to be a good designer, but full product stack experience will come in handy on a weekly basis.

Desired Skills:

  • Flexibility – While we have a prioritized roadmap, it can shift quickly. We generally have a good idea of what the next 2-4 weeks need to look like, but we try not to map out too far in the future.
  • Organization – Candidate needs the ability to stay on top of multiple projects at once and still get things done.
  • Ability to Balance Short-Term Shipping With Long-Term Headache Removal – At this stage in our company, we’re balancing our priorities between getting features out the door, and still building them in a way that doesn’t require two months of refactoring a year from now.
  • Reliable and responsible candidates are a must – you’ll be in charge of an app deployed to production with customers that require access to get through their workday.

Bonus Skills:

Note: If you have experience with any of the areas below that’s great but by no means required – we consider them bonuses.

  • Natural Language Processing
  • Large scale web scraping or unstructured data processing
  • Notable/extensive experience with API integrations
  • Any digital marketing projects or experience
  • SEO or Content Marketing experience or knowledge
  • Any other skills you think are relevant, please feel free to mention!

About The Position:

  • This is a fully remote position – our team no longer maintains a central office. You can be located anywhere, however, we need a candidate with like-native English skillset, and decent overlap with US workday hours.
  • Salary/Rate depends on experience. In the application please let us know your salary requirements for an FTE role versus a 10-to-20-hours-per-week contract engagement.
  • While hours are regular from week-to-week, this role is probably on a contract 1099 basis. As such, we expect candidate to have their own laptop, workspace, etc. We expect ~10-20 hours per week of availability but flexible on when those hours are completed aside from weekly check-in meetings.
  • There is a chance that this role can convert to a full-time employee and benefits structure in the future but we are flexible on how this role grows over time.
  • Flexible work environment & great work/life balance. We’d rather you commit to production on Monday than on a Friday. We don’t want to pull overnighters, either.
  • Please use the word spaceship somewhere in your application email so we can filter out applicants with poor attention to detail.

To apply, please complete our application form and tell us about why you’re a good fit to lead development for an early to midstage SAAS app.

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