Airbnb’s Neighborhood Guides

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Content Marketing Example Overview

Whether a customer had never heard of Airbnb or they’ve stayed with them dozens of times, this site has something for everyone. Satisfying even the most restless travel bug, the up and coming Neighborhood Guide gives their visitors the tools and resources to chose not only where they’re going to stay, but also how they’re going to experience their destination.

At 23 neighborhoods and counting, Airbnb found a way to utilize content marketing and make their site the ultimate, one-stop shop, for all traveling needs.

Why It’s Great Content Marketing

If your customer is a well-seasoned traveler, their sleeping arrangements are an afterthought. Before they do anything, they first make the ultimate “must see, do, and experience” lists, figure out transportation and calculate just how much ground they’re feasibly able to cover.

Once upon a time, their resources for this sort of thing were limited. The “go-to” items consisted of travel books and maybe some recommendations from friends and family.

Today, their journey doesn’t require them to recreate the wheel. However, it does require them to know what to search for and most importantly where to start.

This is where Airbnb’s neighborhood guide comes in!

It Teaches the Basics

Say, for instance, someone is planning a trip to Austin, TX. Glancing at the Airbnb neighborhood guide for Austin, they’ll learn that they should plan to rent a car, anticipate traffic and be mindful of the parking. Additionally, they’ll come across other interesting information that may cause them to alternate their route.

At a quick glance, they might notice that Austin is known for its “6th Street”, that the weather is almost always sunny, and that without a doubt they can find a good taco and live music.

Right off the bat, they’ve started to built context for what to expect. At this stage, they’ll want to learn more, so they continue to scroll below the fold of the page…

It Inspires Further Research

Next, they’ll come across a comprehensive breakdown of Austin’s neighborhoods, a naturally placed call to action, and a definitive guide to the top local spots worth exploring.

Oh look, the Downtown neighborhood has more information on 6th Street. Let’s go there!

It Identifies Personal Needs

Once they’ve selected the Downtown neighborhood, they’re taken to a page that focuses specifically on the experiences available in that area. At the top of this page, they’ll see clean, easy to read tags, where they can further narrow their search to activities that are of most interest to them.

Again, the call to action is integrated naturally within the content — allowing customers to explore and get excited about different activities, without being overwhelmed by the need to make a purchase.

It Gives You Facts That Count

Immediately below the brief description of the Downtown neighborhood, they’re given a comprehensive map of the area, information on neighborhoods near,  transportation, and even the distance to the airport.

Below the map, they’ll actually get to see what the hype of 6th street is all about:

It Tells the Story From An Outside Perspective

Along with providing exciting and relevant content, Airbnb partnered with local photographers to make the stories of each highlighted neighborhood not only interesting but also authentic.

Screenshot of the “About” section for the local photographer, via Airbnb

When scrolling through the images, their customers may get the same feeling they would usually get looking at a travel blog. Those images aren’t staged or designed to sell a product. Instead, they do what photography is meant to do — tell a story.

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