Feathered Friends’ Down Comforter Guide

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Content Marketing Example Overview

Not every piece of content needs interactive graphics or a unique, compelling voice. Sometimes, you just gotta get down to basics and answer a customer’s question.

Feathered Friends is a Seattle-based company that makes goose down sleeping bags and comforters. Their comforters sell for $399 and up. It’s a major purchase. Their customer wants to be sure they’re making the right choice.

So, Feathered Friends has put all the information their customer might need on a single page. It’s not general info about comforters or bedding—it’s specific to their product.

This is never going to generate a ton of links or social shares, but that doesn’t matter as long the orders keep rolling in.

It’s Straightforward

You never want to confuse your customer—especially when they’re this far down the path to purchase.

When clear communication is paramount, the best strategy is to cover the who, what, when, where, and why. The first paragraph of the guide hits all five. Then comes a description of the purpose of this guide that could not be more direct.

It’s Actionable

Feathered Friends sells two types of comforters. They make sure to link directly to the product pages for each within the guide.

It’s Educational

Feathered Friends sews their comforters using two different styles. If you know the difference between “baffled box” and “bavarian” construction raise your hand! I thought not. This thorough explanation allows customers to make an informed choice.

It Invites The Customer To Participate

You don’t need to use Javascript to achieve interactivity—you can get the reader “interacting” simply by asking questions. Sure, this could be jazzed up into some sort of graphic quiz, but why take a customer off-task when they’re so close to making a purchase?

It Invites The Customer To Learn More

The promise of this guide, as stated at the top, is to “help you choose a comforter that is well suited to your needs.” If the guide didn’t fulfill that promise for some reason, Feathered Friends makes it clear that they’re willing to work with you until you make the best choice.

Screenshot via Feathered Friends

It’s Evergreen

As long as Feathered Friends exists, they’ll need a post like this. If they alter their production methods, they might need to change it. Otherwise, it’s a resource customers and salespeople can use indefinitely.

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