Screenflex’s Interactive Shopping Tool

Screenflex's Interactive Shopping Tool

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With nearly 79% of people shopping online, businesses must seek opportunities to make their goods and services compete against the Amazons of the world.

Screenflex, an online retailer that sells portable room dividers, was able to do just that with their interactive tool and seamless user experience.

Why It’s Great Content Marketing

There’s nothing technically complex about Screenflex’s interactive room divider builder. The tool itself is simple and requires no additional instructions for its use. Which makes sense—there’s nothing complex about a room divider either.

A customer can easily see what their room divider would look like based on three options—height, length, and color.

The simplicity of this tool is exactly what makes it so unique and incredibly handy.

It’s Simple

Right at the top of the page, a customer searching for a screen divider can select the three main variables in room dividers: available height, width, and color.

Screenshot of available room divider options, via Screenflex

It’s Interactive

By changing the options in the drop-down menu, the customer gets a live representation of what the product would look like.

Screenshot of interactive screen divider tool, via Screenflex

It’s Versatile

If the drop-down menu isn’t working for the customer, they can use a clickable menu.

Screenshot of available options, via Screenflex

It Upsells

Immediately below the basic fabrics and colors, customers can see the fabric and color upgrade options—without having to do any additional research.

Screenshot of available upgrade options, via Screenflex

It’s Proactive

In case you haven’t already noticed the fourth step of the decision process was a blue call-to-action button. Clicking that button takes the customer to this page:

Screenshot of a quote form, via Screenflex

Before customers can get a price estimate for the screen divider they built, Screenflex requires that they provide contact information. Screenflex can use this—especially, email—to retarget or follow-up with someone who they know is already interested in their product.

Kat Shereko

Kat is a content marketing specialist at Content Harmony. When she's not creating content, Kat enjoys traveling, photography, & spending time in the outdoors. You can find her on Twitter at @katshereko

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