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Weโ€™re looking for passionate writers experienced in SEO, content marketing, or adjacent fields to contribute to Content Harmony. Weโ€™re happy to consider:

  • How-to & instructional posts
  • Guides & โ€œIntroduction to [topic]โ€ posts
  • Curated posts or resource pages
  • Content marketing case studies, teardowns, and walkthroughs
  • Other formats as approved

If youโ€™re interested, please read the contributor guidelines below, take a look at our editorial guidelines, and fill out the Writer Application form.

Write for Us

Our writers typically fall into two categories:

  1. Freelance writers (paid)
  2. Marketers who are guest posting on behalf of their company (unpaid)

Weโ€™re happy to consider pitches from both groups that fit into our core topics and areas of coverage.

We may also consider accepting writers who want to contribute a set number of articles each month. If youโ€™re open to ongoing contributions, please mention it in your application.


For freelance contributors, weโ€™re happy to pay for all articles that are approved and published on our site.

For guest posting marketers (eg your employer paid for your time to write the post) weโ€™re happy to include a link to your bio in the piece, as well as relevant and useful links within the body so long as theyโ€™re valuable to our audience and not excessively promotional.

Requirements for Guest Posts

We accept pitches for guest posts, but our standards for accepting those are higher than regular contributors.

When pitching an article, please make sure that it isnโ€™t promotional in nature ('We Launched A Thing'), isnโ€™t too high-level (generic pitches like โ€˜What is Digital Marketing and Why is It Important?โ€™ will be rejected), and demonstrate that youโ€™re an expert in this topic.

The types of topics that get approved for guest posts are similar to those that are normally produced for our blog. The quality bar for guest posts is higher, so weโ€™re looking for content that goes above and beyond what we have published previously.

We also ask that your biases and conflicts of interest be reasonably well disclosed.

What Makes A Great Post On Content Harmony

Our contributor & content expectations cover this in-depth so please take a few minutes to read them.

In general, weโ€™d like to see the following from external contributors:

  • Be Thorough โ€“ Our best posts are 2000 - 4000 words or longer.
  • Make it Educational โ€“ Our audience is smart, experienced folks in SEO & content marketing. They want to learn new things and arenโ€™t easily impressed. Posts have to move the needle to keep them engaged.
  • Make it Practical & Applicable โ€“ Make it relevant for our readers and include lots of useful tips, screenshots, and helpful images.
  • Show, Donโ€™t Tell โ€“ Include unique or custom images that havenโ€™t been used elsewhere, video, or other multimedia (no stock photos, please).
  • Write Clearly โ€“ Get to the point quickly, try to keep the readability at a normal level, and use a tool like Hemingway App if youโ€™re not a professional writer (most of us arenโ€™t).
  • Prove It โ€“ Use primary sources and relevant citations, including other content on Content Harmony and elsewhere on the web.
  • Relevant To Your Expertise โ€“ Write about topics that you have direct experience with โ€“ either through having written about similar topics previously or with practical work experience.

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