How do I use Video Analysis?

Weโ€™ll walk through how you can use the insights from our Video Analysis to produce better content.

We use the Video Analysis in a few ways:

Inspiration For Your Own Video Program

If tour company is producing videos, seeing which videos are ranking well in Googleโ€™s Video search can help you understand what types of videos users might be looking for. On a Keyword Brief with Video as a primary or secondary Search Intent, this is especially important.

Embed Videos In Your Own Content

Many companies donโ€™t have the resources to produce their own video, but can improve their website content by embedding other peopleโ€™s video content instead.

Quickly Learn A New Topic

When a writer is covering a topic where they need to do additional research, or a strategist is trying to quickly understand a new industry concept, having top videos ready to view is a great way to quickly research without opening up 20 tabs in your browser.

Also, we pull results from Googleโ€™s Video search results, which typically yields a more diverse set of videos than a YouTube search for the same keyword.

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