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How to move Briefs & Reports between Projects

You can now move Brief Workflows and Search Intent Reports across Projects.

Just highlight which reports you want to move, and select "Move These Reports" on the top right of the list:

Select all or just a few reports at a time, and Move or Archive those reports in bulk.

From there just select which Project you want to move them to in the modal, and we'll take it from there.

Select the Project where you want to move the reports.

A couple of advanced notes:

  1. When you move a Brief Workflow, we automatically move the attached Search Intent Report to the new Project as well.
  2. Likewise, if you move a Search Intent Report that is attached to a Brief Workflow, we'll automatically move them both.
  3. You can only move Active Reports into Active Projects. If you want to move anything into an Archived Project, you'll need to Unarchive it temporarily.

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