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The spirit of content marketing is helping your customers beyond your core products and services.

That's how we approach our entire brand at Content Harmony. 

Whether you're reading a blog post, receiving an invoice from us via email, or sharing a content brief with a client for the first time, we want to make your brand experiences with us as helpful as possible.

In large part, it's because we've been in your shoes. Content Harmony was a content marketing agency for nearly 10 years.

We know what it's like to see your content program get recognized by the CEO.

We know what it's like to see content projects fall flat after weeks (or months) of effort.

So when you use Content Harmony's product, or do a live chat with our team, or read a blog post from us, you should feel like you're talking with a peer. Because you are.

Brand Purpose

Our mission is to help content marketers do their job better.

That purpose guides both our product (the tools we build) as well as our marketing efforts (largely, the content we publish).

In our initial post we published when we were founded, What is Content Harmony?, we said something similar, albeit in a different way:

In art, the concept of harmony refers to the combination of elements to form a consistent and orderly whole.

Content Harmony is about achieving that with your organizationโ€™s content. Forming an orderly and consistent message across your body of work, and building unity in every element of your content marketing efforts.

Our goal as an organization is to help our clients find harmony in their content marketing, and highlight great content marketing practices through our blog and the other content we produce. Take a look at our content marketing process to learn more.

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