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Thanks for stopping by! This page features a ton of resources from Kane Jamison’s presentation at MozCon 2017, including slides, additional targeting examples, resources for Facebook Ads and paid social, and perhaps more. Please feel free to add comments with questions or requests for additional resources!

That Shirt, Tho

I know, right? They still have some on sale…

Resources For Paid Social:

Influencer Outreach With Paid Media:

Target bloggers with job titles such as:

  • Blogger Job Titles: Beauty Blogger, Blog Writer, Blogger,  Freelance Writer/ Blogger, Full Time Blogger, Writer and Blogger, Writer/Blogger, Owner/Blogger, Professional Blogger
  • Vlogger Job Titles: Livestreamer, Video Blogger, Vloger/YouTuber, Vlogger, YouTube Partner
  • Niche Blogger Job Titles: Fashion Blogger,  Food Blogger

Target journalists/bloggers with job titles:

  • Job Titles: Contributing Writer, Radio Broadcaster, Journalist/Writer, Writer/Producer, Copy Editor/Writer, News Writer, Writer/Editor, Professional Blogger, Features Editor, Writer/Reporter, Contributor/Writer, News Producer, Reporter/Producer, Anchor/Reporter, Staff writer, Journalist, Editor-in-chief, Political Editor, Managing editor, Correspondent, News Anchor/Reporter, Columnist, Senior Reporter, News presenter, Investigative Reporter, Editorial Assistant, News Editor, Editorial Director, Feature Writer, Copy Editor, Radio Talk Show Host, Broadcaster, Broadcast Journalist

Target webmasters, influencers, social media managers, and bloggers with Facebook Page Manager access:

  • Behaviors > Digital activities: Event creators (only use this one with further targeting), Facebook Page Admins

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