MozCon 2012 Live Blog – Day Two

Note May 2013: This article was originally published at in July 2012 and was migrated here in May 2013.

Note 7/23: I spent the whole morning doing a server transfer after walking into MozCon and finding out my site was down. As a result, this day is more of a Twitter curation + resources than a liveblog. As a result, this post is pretty much the Ruth Burr show – she’s been tweeting harder this week than all of us combined, so follow her on Twitter and G+ because she deserves it. Playing catchup right now with all the great presentations. Many thanks to Michael Cottam of Visual Itineraries for his assistance with some database troubles.

Overall takeaway for the day – and the week? This:

Mozcon 2012

At the last marketing conference I attended (SearchFest in Portland in February) I walked away with 7 pages of handwritten notes after a single day. But, handwritten notes don’t do me or anyone else any good, they just get locked away in the file cabinet. So for MozCon I’m going to publish my notes here. I’m not promising a hardcore live blogging session, but I’ll publish notes on everything that I feel is worth writing down.

You can also find me tweeting @KaneJamison – I’ll try to embed any important tweets from myself and others into this post.

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Other Live Blogging Sessions and Recaps I’m Aware Of:

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Thursday, July 26

Link Analytics Through API – Richard Baxter

Download Presentation Here: Description: Learn how an everyday inbound marketer can make use of simple APIs to discover more about your links (or potential links). Are they good or bad? What do they say about your site? Who’s got the good stuff?

Download: Mozscape API extension for Excel

High ROI Content Strategies for SEO – Cyrus Shepard

Download Presentation Here: Description: Need to get a bang for your buck? Cyrus focuses in on how to boost your SEO ROI with targeted and precise content.

How to Earn Links Without Doing Anything – Ian Lurie

Download Presentation Here:

Description: Embrace your own awesome while kicking back and relaxing. Ian takes you through how to be so brilliant online that you’ll be swimming in links.

Redefining Business Models in a Post-Penguin World – Greg Boser

Download Presentation Here: Description: For both agencies and in-house teams, Greg covers how to re-tool your operation to thrive and grow in Google’s new world. Includes killing the “yes man” mentality, managing expectations, and performance-based models.

Online Reputation Management – Rhea Drysdale

Download Presentation Here: Description: Learn how to make your presence last online and how your reputation is more than just a Google Alert.

Persona Modeling Unhinged: The Zen of “Whole” Customer – Marty Weintraub

Download Presentation Here: Description: Explore radical social PPC targeting combos to comprise comprehensive “Persona” modeling concepts. Identify multi-channel market segments demonstrating susceptibility to KPIs. If your audience exists, we’ll teach you to identify, target, and DESTROY it!

See the blog post of Marty’s Presentation here:

A Secret Algo Project Launch – Pete Meyers

Download Presentation Here: Description: Tired of chasing the Algorithm? Dr. Pete has been watching the Google weather and will help you bring your storm-chasing to the next level. Dr. Pete shared a lot of good interpretation of Google’s search update process and how it will change in the future.

Announcement: Mozcast – A new metric that tracks day-to-day change in 1000 keyword SERPs. Builds on Dr. Pete’s “Bigfoot Update” post on the SEOMoz blog. Mozcast also reports on Twitter.

Mozcast MozCon Announcement

The D Word: Leading the Way to Great Design – Jenny Lam

Download Presentation Here: Description: The best sites are both art and craft. Yes, websites can be artisanal! Jenny talks about the state of design, how to hire for it, and how make it part of your day-to-day culture.

  • amounts to $170 million in design and UI.
  • Gillette study that every $1 spent on advertising yielded $7.21, and every $1 spent on design yielded $415.17.

Google+ SEO & Authorship – AJ Kohn

Download Presentation Here: Description: Nervous about Google+? AJ’s here to hold your hand and figure out how to make it work — and get a head start — for your business.

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