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How to Use Content Marketing to Improve Customer Retention

Most companies are focused on how they can use content for customer acquisition. In this article we'll show you how to think about content marketing for retention, and how your content can provide value to your existing customers in ways that drive up lifetime value.

Types of Content Hubs: 5 Approaches & 30+ Examples

Getting your site architecture right is one of the harder parts of building a site, whether youโ€™re dealing with millions of pages or hundreds. These patterns will help you understand the best way to create yours.

How To Do A Content Marketing Quick Wins Analysis

One of the best ways to get quick wins in content marketing is to find opportunities to improve old content that is underperforming and see fast improvements on traffic.

There's A Better Way To Measure Keyword Difficulty

There's A Better Way To Classify Search Intent

MozCon 2017 Quotes & Coverage

Paid Content Promotion

This page features resources from my presentation at MozCon 2017, including slides, additional targeting examples, and resources for Facebook Ads.

YouTube Marketing Ideas for eCommerce

eCommerce Blog Examples That Can Actually Generate Sales

8 Instagram Post Ideas for eCommerce Companies

5 Skills Brands Need To Learn From Publishers

Email Split Testing Ideas