5 Skills Brands Need To Learn From Publishers

By Kylie Ora Lobell • ⏱ 6 mins

Discover the five skills that content marketers can learn from publishers to keep audiences engaged and maintain credibility, including creating original and resonant content, using an editorial calendar, adhering to deadlines, and hiring talented writers and visual creatives.

Email Split Testing Ideas

By Kylie Ora Lobell • ⏱ 6 mins

Improve your email marketing campaign's open and click-through rates with A/B email split testing. Experiment with subject lines, text, frequency, day, and time to boost engagement and ultimately increase sales.

How To Optimize eCommerce Product Pages

By Kylie Ora Lobell • ⏱ 6 mins

Optimize your eCommerce store's category pages with consistent images, simple searching, various shopping criteria, special offers, urgent calls to action, review icons, easy add-to-cart options, and custom sales copy to provide customers a seamless shopping experience.

How To Optimize eCommerce Category Pages

By Kylie Ora Lobell • ⏱ 6 mins

Discover steps to enhance your eCommerce category pages for a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience for your customers, from consistent images to urgent calls to action and adding custom sales copy.

10 Customer Persona Tools & Templates

By Kane Jamison • ⏱ 8 mins

Explore the ten best tools and templates for crafting buyer personas to gain powerful insights into your audience and improve your content marketing approach. Learn how to use your buyer personas effectively alongside a content map and the buyer's journey.

Should Your Business Start A Podcast?

By Kylie Ora Lobell • ⏱ 6 mins

Discover how podcasting can help in increasing brand awareness, attracting leads, and establishing your business as a thought leader in your industry. Learn how to plan, launch, and stand out from the crowd in the constantly growing podcast market.

9 Ways Your Brand Can Use Live Video

By Kylie Ora Lobell • ⏱ 5 mins

This post delves into the growing trend of live video and provides nine creative ideas for the types of videos a brand can produce – from behind-the-scenes glimpses and product launches, to interviews with industry leaders and influencer take-overs.

6 Content Marketing Lessons From The Onion

By Emily Harris • ⏱ 6 mins

Unlock the secret sauce of The Onion's content success with these six amusing yet valuable lessons that'll spice up your content marketing game, from crafting click-worthy headlines to stirring the pot of controversy.

8 Reasons Journalists Make The Best Content Marketing Writers

By Kylie Ora Lobell • ⏱ 8 mins

This blog post discusses the top eight reasons to hire journalists for your content marketing team, including their formal training, inquisitive nature, storytelling skills, and deadline-driven work ethic. Find out how journalists can add value and credibility to your content strategy.

How to Write Your Editorial Mission Statement in 3 Steps

By Kane Jamison • ⏱ 8 mins

An editorial mission statement is crucial for uniting everyone in a company towards a single goal, and delivering a deeper understanding of the company's purpose. This article offers three easy steps to creating a winning editorial mission statement.

This Is What Great Content Looks Like

By Kane Jamison • ⏱ 2 mins

Content Marketing can only be great if it meets the goals it was meant to achieve. In this post we'll compare OK, Good, and Great content examples for four topics covering brand awareness, engagement, conversions, and retention.

The Hourglass Sales Funnel

By Kane Jamison • ⏱ 6 mins

Rethink your sales funnel by focusing on retention marketing to maximize the lifetime value of your customers. An hourglass funnel model highlights the growth potential of customer satisfaction and loyalty, leading to increased revenue.

How To Automate Campaign Calendars In Google Docs

By Kate Hagan • ⏱ 7 mins

Discover how to create automated editorial and social media scheduling calendars in Google Sheets to streamline your content planning and promotion process. Save time and headaches by utilizing a customizable, automated calendar structure.

Keyword Research for the Complete Customer Lifecycle

By Kane Jamison • ⏱ 1 min

The average keyword research process misses a ton of discovery points in the customer lifecycle and related data that your company is sitting on. In this presentation Kane walks through ideas on how to integrate that data into keyword research.

36 Great Brand Guidelines Examples

By Simon Andrys • ⏱ 13 mins

Exceptional brand guidelines to inspire your own branding strategy, complete with examples of cohesive, typographic, extensive, minimalist, voice & tone, grid-based, and inspirational guidelines.

6 Facebook Power Editor Features You Should Be Using

By Emily Harris • ⏱ 10 mins

This post is live for archival purposes, but is no longer accurate. We cover Power Editor's standout features for effective Facebook advertising such as bulk import/export, saved audiences, promoted organic posts, and Instagram integration, all aimed at reaching target audiences efficiently.