Facebook Ads 20% Image Grid Template

By Simon Andrys • ⏱ 3 mins

Once upon a time, Facebook Ads had a rule that said no more than 20% of an ad image can contain text. It broke the hearts of many would-be Facebook marketers trying to get their ads approved. But, those rules finally changed, and this post is left live for archival purposes.

How To Write Reports That Your Clients Will Actually Read

By Sam Hendrix • ⏱ 7 mins

Nine ways to write a report your boss will care about, including restating project goals, discussing accomplishments and results, tying KPIs to business goals, and focusing on teamwork. Maximize insights by producing valuable, action-oriented reports with clear next steps.

10 Email Marketing Tips for Content Marketers

By Kane Jamison • ⏱ 9 mins

Our top email marketing tips for driving more people to your content, applicable to any sector and most of which can be combined for an even greater effect. Learn from examples like Help Scout's focused approach, Quora's personalization, and more.

Content Marketing Budget Examples For All Business Sizes

By Kane Jamison • ⏱ 6 mins

Insights and guides on how to prioritize content marketing spend for a wide variety of business types and budgets. It covers everything from the small business content marketing budget of 20 hours and $1000/month, to enterprise content marketing budgets of $50k+/month.

Announcing ShareMetric 2 for Chrome

By Kane Jamison • ⏱ 1 min

Discover the new ShareMetric Chrome extension, offering a complete picture of a webpage's offsite metrics such as social share counts and link metrics. Upgrade your marketing with this comprehensive tool.

What is a Channel Plan and Why Do I Need One?

By Kate Hagan • ⏱ 4 mins

Create effective content promotion strategies with Content Harmony's Channel Plan template to ensure your work reaches its intended audience. This tool outlines a clear plan for resources, promotes buy-in from clients, and prevents wasting promotional resources.

2015 Content Marketing Trends: Bullish & Bearish Report

By Kane Jamison • ⏱ 6 mins

Don't call them predictions - here's our favorite (and least favorite) content marketing trends heading into 2015, including mixed format content, selective social media strategy, structured microdata and more. Steer clear of pitfalls such as neglecting change and one-off campaign mindsets.

A Complete Freelance Hiring Checklist For Marketers

By Kane Jamison • ⏱ 4 mins

Create a checklist for hiring freelance contributors to ensure a smooth process and avoid mistakes. Consider abilities, portfolio, experience, attitude, budget, timelines and other relevant criteria specific to each freelance role.

Risk Management for Content Creation

By Kane Jamison • ⏱ 5 mins

Learn how to apply traditional investment risk management to content marketing, maximizing overall return while reducing risk in both ongoing initiatives and big content projects.

MozCon 2014 Tool List

By Kane Jamison • ⏱ 3 mins

All of the top tools mentioned at MozCon 2014 - covering content, SEO, link building, UX, community, social, analytics, and more.