Announcing ShareMetric 2 for Chrome

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I’m really pleased to announce that the entirely new ShareMetric Chrome extension is published!

Here’s a quick screenshot of what you can expect with all of its features enabled:

Tons of New Features:

When we first created ShareMetric about 2 years ago, our long term goal was to build a plugin that showed a complete picture of a webpage’s offsite metrics. With this release I’m confident we’re there.

Here’s the complete list of features you’ll find:

  • Social share counts for Facebook
  • Social share count for Twitter (and handy link to Topsy)
  • Social share count for LinkedIn
  • Social share count for Google+
  • Social share count for Pinterest (and link to Pinterest search results for the current domain)
  • Social share counts for Reddit (and link to Reddit threads for the current page)
  • Social share count for Stumbleupon
  • Page and domain link metrics as reported by Moz’s Open Site Explorer (requires free account)
  • Page and domain link metrics as reported by ahrefs (requires paid subscription)
  • Organic search visibility by keyword as reported by SEMRush (requires paid subscription)
  • WHOIS data for the domain via
  • Schema & rich snippet markup analysis for the page via Google Webmaster Tools
  • View the current page in Google Cache if available

Ready To Try It Out?

You can install the newest version of ShareMetric at our Chrome Store page:

Add ShareMetric To Chrome

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