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MozCon 2015 Quote Decks & List of Tools

Highlights from speakers at MozCon 2015.
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Weโ€™re back again this year with our 4th year of MozCon coverage, including our favorite quotes and stats from every MozCon speaker, and a full list of the Tools and downloads mentioned by every speaker.

Notice something we missed?

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  • Attn Speakers โ€“ weโ€™ve done our best to quote you accurately โ€“ please let us know if we can improve any of these quotes to better reflect your presentation.

One final note โ€“ all of the images weโ€™ve share on Twitter and in the slide decks below have a Creative Commons w/ Attribution (CC BY-SA 4.0) license. Please feel free to use them on blog posts, slides, etc., but please link back to this post for attribution. Thanks!

Day One Quote Deck & Tools

Monday Speakers: Rand Fishkin, Dana DiTomaso, Kristina Halvorson, Matthew Brown, Duane Brown, Stephanie Wallace, Adrian Vender, Marta Turek, Cara Harshman, Marty Weintraub.

Day One Live Notes

Day Two Quote Deck & Tools

Tuesday Speakers: Dr. Pete Meyers, Cindy Krum, Adam Singer, Purna Virji, Tamara Gielen, Rich Millington, Marshall Simmonds, Mary Bowling, Wil Reynolds.

Day Two Live Notes

Day Three Quote Deck & Tools

Wednesday Speakers: Lexi Mills, Mig Reyes, Ruth Burr Reedy, Chris Dayley, Gianluca Fiorelli, Courtney Seiter, David Mihm, Rand Fishkin

Day Three Live Notes

Past Content Harmony Coverage of #MozCon

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